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Eyebrow Transplant

About 4 million people each year face the reality that their eyebrow hair is thinning. As a result they have bald spots in their brows. For many women, drawing on their eyebrows becomes a burdensome morning ritual. Hair loss is a confidence killer regardless if it’s your receding hairline or your disappearing or non-existent eyebrows which is why people turn to different forms of eyebrow restoration.

When eyebrow hair loss becomes a beauty flaw, eyebrow transplants are the most natural, low maintenance solution available to both women and men. It may come as a surprise, but anyone can have bald spots in their eyebrow. Eyebrow hair loss does not gender discriminate, While the eyebrow hair transplant is a common procedure with women, more and more men are doing it

What Cause Eyebrow Hair loss?

The most common cause of eyebrow hair loss in women is over-plucking which over a period of time permanently damages the hair follicle creating scar tissue and complete loss of hair growth. Another cause is the natural aging process where patients in their 50’s and 60’s begin to experience hair thinning even in their eyebrow area. While some patients are looking to have eyebrow transplant surgery just to enhance their facial features, others are seeking reconstructive eyebrow replacement for eyebrow bald spots caused by trauma from childhood accidents or sports-related injuries as well as burns and hair loss caused by medical treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. For others, eyebrow hair loss may be genetic and the eyebrows are very thin, have small bald spots throughout and/or the eyebrows are non-existent. Loss of eyebrow hair can also be associated with Alopecia Areata and other systemic diseases such as thyroid disorders. Eyebrow replacement surgery is often performed to soften the flat and stark appearance of tattooed eyebrows, restoring the natural three dimensional appearances of your eyebrows and reanimating the face.

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How is it Preformed? 

This facial hair transplantation technique is very successful but requires an astute aesthetic eye to design symmetrical eyebrows that complement one’s face. Further skill and artistry are employed to ensure precise angle and placement of the grafts. Hair can be obtained by either the FUE or DHI technique for this procedure, which is also performed under local anesthesia. Patients need to be well educated and prepared that maintenance will be required after the hair grows. The new eyebrow hair will need to be groomed and trimmed. Facial hair transplantation results are worth the work. transplanted.

Eyebrow Transplant Stages 

This requires developing a customized operation plan based on the unique needs of the patient. Eyebrow transplantation operation consists of 4 stages.

  • Consultation and Planning
  • Grafts Extraction 
  • Grafts Transplanting 
  • Recovery And Follow-up

Since an average of 200 to 300 grafts is required for an eyebrow transplant, the procedure usually takes about 2-3 hours. These are the three steps to take on the day and the next one the day after the operation. 

Consultation and planning

The design of the eyebrows is determined during the physical examination. In this phase, the doctor develops an operation plan that takes into account the facial features and individual needs of the patient. The doctor will assess the recipient area and hair from the donor area.

Grafts Extraction

This is the first phase of surgery. You can take donor grafts using the unshaved method usually used on people with long hair. The small number of grafts required also makes this procedure easy to perform. Graft harvesting using the unshaven method only requires shaving a small area on the back of the head. (So ​​the “unshaved” part of the term refers to the fact that the rest of your hair covers a small shaved area. The shaved area where the graft was extracted is not visible to others.) When removing hair follicles. Only individual hair is removed while other transplant procedures prioritize multiple hair transplants. With eyebrows, only individual hair can achieve a natural aesthetic appearance. A local anaesthetic is applied to the donor area before the extraction process.

Grafts Transplanting

The receiving area (eyebrows) is then also anaesthetized locally. The Implant Pen is used for transplanting hair follicles, taking into account the proper angle and direction of hair growth. This process is also essential for achieving an aesthetic appearance.

Recovery and follow up

A bandage is applied the day after the procedure to ensure that the hair follicles are correctly attached to the skin tissue and to avoid other medical complications. We will notify you of the proper care for your newly transplanted hair and make a schedule for any habits or behaviours you need to observe in the coming weeks or months. (For example, avoid direct sunlight on the area for two months and avoid cutting or rubbing excessively for the first month.)

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Post Eyebrow Transplant 

Eyebrow transplant results will be seen in your new eyebrow shape and outline. Full results will be visible over the course of the next year (normally after a couple of months).

Hair grows in 3 stages so don’t be alarmed if you see some shedding after the hair transplant – it is normal. Hair growth varies from person-to-person and, as the transplanted hair continues to grow, you will need to trim the hairs in order to achieve and maintain the desired look. This is very rarely an issue for patients as most are used to plucking or shaping regularly.

There is hardly any downtime. The FUE method of hair transplantation offers minimal aftercare and downtime, and significantly less risk of any scarring. You will need to avoid exercise (in particular sweating) for a few weeks post-procedure to reduce risk of infection, but we will give you full aftercare instructions and support during your recovery.

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