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Beard Transplant

Hairstyles change with trends. With the rise in popularity of beards, mustaches, sideburns and goatees, it has become painfully obvious for nearly 50% of all men that they suffer from some form of facial hair loss.

If facial hair is patchy or missing, it is impossible to achieve the clean sharp lines that are desired in today’s styles. Thinning facial hair can even have an unkempt or messy appearance, which falls short of most people’s expectations for trendy beard styles. Unlike missing hair on the top of the head, missing hair in the facial area cannot be hidden.

Luckily for men seeking to stay in fashion, facial hair transplants can help alleviate their hair loss situation permanently. Donor hair taken from the safe zone In the back of your head will be permanent and it is very much the same as the hair that grows in your beard. Sante’s doctors pay careful attention to the direction and placement of your newly transplanted beard hairs in order to achieve a soft natural appearance so your beard transplant will remain undetectable. Once the hair has been transplanted, it grows just like your existing facial hair and must be shaved and trimmed periodically.

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How Does Beard Transplant Works

It’s actually very simple and not any different from a hair transplant on top of your head. The technique used for this operation can be FUE or DHI. in both techniques we start with removing the hair from the donor area one graft at a time, leaving tiny little pricks that scab over and heal in less than a week without scarring.

It doesn’t matter that the donor hair is extracted from the scalp – it will do just fine as a beard. When the Doctor has harvested enough follicles, he or she places them into the previously identified facial area. Here it is important to achieve the correct density, direction, and angle for each follicle. A skilled doctor with plenty of beard transplant experience will be able to achieve a completely natural look. Just like hair transplants, beard transplants are more work of art than medical procedure.

On the day of your beard transplant procedure, local anesthetic will be preformed around the head. 

Just like a hair transplant, a beard transplant is a rather lengthy procedure. But it’s not as lengthy as you might think, given that 2,000 or more hair grafts are moved individually. It can typically be accomplished in one day, and it’s fairly easy and comfortable.

Beard Transplant

After your Beard Transplant

The recovery after a beard transplant does not take very long. Most patients are back to their normal routines within one or two days. As stated above, it will take up to 7 days for the extraction sites on your head to scab over and heal. Your doctor will give you post-op instructions about washing your hair and face to make sure that you take good care of the new follicles.

The new hair will actually fall out after a few weeks, but this is completely normal. It will then resume its growth with the regular hair growth cycle. After a few months, your new beard will begin to grow in.

It takes a bit of patience, but the results will be well worth it. The even better news is that your new beard will be permanent. Hair that is taken from the donor area at the back of the scalp is not susceptible to hair loss. This means that even if you experience hair loss on the top of your head, your beard will remain as full as ever.

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Quick Facts About Beard Transplant

  • The procedure is 2-6 hours
  • It is an outpatient procedure
  • It is essentially painless
  • Many of the transplanted hairs may shed initially during the first two months
  • The transplanted hair will regrow after 3-4 months and will be permanent
  • A minimal risk procedure

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